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Think as Christ did

Philippians 2:5

Paul urges Christians to have the same attitude of mind that Christ showed during his life on earth.

Often, Christians behave in ways that Christ never behaved. For example, they might argue for jealous or selfish reasons (1 Corinthians 3:3). They might try to make themselves important (1:15). They might not care about people who are weak or unimportant (Mark 10:13). They might love their money or their other possessions in this world (Revelation 3:17).

Christ did not do those wrong things; and he did not approve of those wrong attitudes (Mark 10:35-45). Instead, he left the position of great honour and authority that he had in heaven. He was born into this world not to be a great and powerful ruler, but humbly to help people. During his life on earth, he worked among us and for us, even as a servant does. Although the whole world belongs to him (Psalm 24:1), he gladly helped the weakest and poorest people (Mark 1:32-34). He was not trying to gain attention for himself; he even disliked that kind of attention (Mark 1:44-45; Mark 3:11-12).

No Christian will ever have the same honour or power that Christ has. No Christian can ever be as great as he is. However, all Christians should be like Christ in their attitudes. He did not act because of his ambitions, in order to please himself (Romans 15:3). Rather, he acted as he did because of his great love for other people (John 13:1). So Christians too should sincerely desire to act in love in whatever they do (1 Corinthians chapter 13).

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