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An angel with good news

Revelation 14:6-7

John saw an angel that was flying in mid-heaven. The bird in Revelation 8:13 was also flying in mid-heaven. By Ďmid-heavení, John seems to mean a place between earth and heaven. From that place, both the angel and the bird could see events both on earth and in heaven. However, they understood those events differently. The bird brought only bad news to the inhabitants of the earth, but the angel declared good news.

The angels are Godís special servants; one of their main duties is to take Godís messages. This particular angel brought a message that was for people in every nation. God created them all and, even at this terrible time of judgement, he still cares about them.

Godís message has not changed. His greatness, his power and his love are clear to everyone who thinks about his wonderful works. He made both heaven and earth; he made both the seas and the sources of drinking water. He gave people both a good place to live, and everything that they need to live well. Everything that he created was good; everything that he does is good.

However, people have not behaved properly with the wonderful gifts that God has given to them. They have given the devil control over the earth (13:4); they have even spoken proud words against heaven (Revelation 13:6; Psalm 2:1-4). That is why, at last, the time has come for God to act in judgement against them.

The angel, however, brought good news and not bad news. Perhaps it is even yet possible that someone, somewhere, may turn back to God. The person who begins to serve God at the last hour will still receive his full reward (Matthew 20:1-16). The people at that time will be very wicked (Revelation 9:20-21; Matthew 24:37), but God can save even the worst person (1 Timothy 1:15).

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