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The antichrist kills the two witnesses

Revelation 11:7

The two witnesses may be among the last people who will declare Godís message publicly before Christís return. They will live at a time when people are very evil, like the time before Noahís flood (Genesis 6:5-8; Matthew 24:37-39). Like Noah, they will warn the people about Godís judgement (2 Peter 2:5). Like Noah, they will be unable to persuade the people of the world to turn to God (11:9-10).

For 1260 days, they will declare Godís message, and nobody will be able to stop them. Only when their message is complete can their enemies attack them.

The leader of their enemies is the wicked ruler called the beast. A beast is a wild animal; this ruler is called the beast because he is so cruel and fierce against Godís people (13:5-7).

The beast comes from the abyss, the worst part of hell. That was where the evil spirits came from in Revelation 9:1-11. So, the beastís power and authority to rule come from the devil and from hell.

This is probably the same beast who came from the sea in Revelation 13:1. The word Ďabyssí means a deep hole, without any bottom. In some places, the sea is so deep that it would seem to have no bottom. We usually refer to this beast as the antichrist (the enemy of Christ, who imitates Christ in order to oppose him).

When the two witnesses have completed their message, the antichrist will attack them. He will overcome them and he will kill them. That wicked act will make him very popular, because the people of this world will hate the two witnesses.

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