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The battle at Armageddon begins

Revelation 19:19

Our subject has now returned to the great battle at Armageddon. This is the battle when antichrist (Christís great enemy) and his armies will fight against Christ and his armies. It is the last and greatest battle of the present age. Immediately after this battle, Christís rule on earth will begin.

John began his account of this battle in Revelation 16:12-21. In the meantime, there has been no pause in the action. Events have been happening very quickly.

On the earth, antichrist has gathered his armies at the valley called Armageddon. On the way there, they attacked and destroyed the great city called Babylon (17:16). The news of that terrible event has caused great shock across the world (Revelation chapter 18). As the soldiers wait to begin the battle, God is already acting against them. There is a terrible storm and the earth shakes in a frightening manner (16:17-21).

In heaven, there is great joy. Heavenís inhabitants are praising God with great happiness. They are eagerly expecting the marriage of the Lamb, that is, Christ. Heavenís armies are riding out to the battle in a splendid procession. Christ himself leads them; their success is certain (19:11-16).

In the skies above Armageddon, crowds of awful and nasty birds are gathering. They have seen the camp of antichristís soldiers; they realise that the great battle must happen soon. The birds know what must happen. Very many men must die in the battle. The birds will eat the meat from the bodies of the men who die there (19:17-18).

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