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Christ at Godís right hand

Revelation 5:7

In Psalm 110:1, God gives a special honour to Christ. He invites Christ to sit at his right hand, that is, on his right side. While Christ remained in that place of rest, God would defeat all his enemies completely.

The right side has long meant a place of special honour. For example, Jacob loved his youngest son very much (Genesis 44:30). He gave the boy the name Benjamin, which means Ďson of my right handí.

John watched as Christ went to that special place. John had already seen that God the Father was sitting on his throne (royal seat) in heaven. God was holding an important book in his right hand (verse 1). Nobody could open that book except the person who had the right to do it. John discovered that Christ alone had that right.

So Christ went to receive the book from the right hand of God. At last, John saw Christ in his proper place in heaven. That was where Stephen had seen him (Acts 7:55-56). That is the place where Christ alone deserves to be (Philippians 2:9). God has invited him to that place because his death has dealt with his peopleís evil deeds (Hebrews 10:12). He overcame the devilís power by his death (5:5).

John saw that Christ was in that special place. So did the 4 special angels (special servants of God) and the 24 rulers of heaven. Previously, they were praising God (4:8; 4:11). Now, they began to praise Christ. They sang a new song (5:9-10). Then John heard as many millions of angels praised Christ (5:11-12). In the end, every living thing would join them to praise Christ (Revelation 5:13; Philippians 2:10-11).

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