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Christ’s letter to Thyatira

Revelation 2:18-19

Thyatira was about 50 miles (70 kilometres) east of Pergamum. The churches in both cities had similar problems. However, in Thyatira, one particular woman was especially responsible for those troubles.

In everything else, the church at Thyatira was doing well. Its members served God as Christians should. They were generous to poor people. They assisted people who were weak, ill or in a desperate situation.

The Christians at Ephesus were also doing all these things, but for wrong reasons. They had lost the love that they originally had (verse 4). However, in Thyatira, the Christians’ love, both for God and for each other remained strong. Their faith (trust in God) also remained strong.

Enemies had tried to oppose the Christians in Thyatira. However, their attacks had little effect on the Christians there. That is, the attacks did not affect their relationship with God. The Christians stood firm; they spoke boldly about Christ. Their relationship with God remained strong.

In fact, Thyatira’s Christians were achieving more for God now than they had ever done in the past. So it is very sad to record the evil activities of the woman whom Christ refers to as Jezebel.

This woman was clearly a very powerful person. She described herself as a prophetess (a holy woman who received messages from God). The Christians allowed her to teach them. However, she taught them to follow their feelings and to act in an unholy and evil manner. God had warned her, but she continued on purpose to teach these things.

Christ reminded Thyatira’s Christians that he is the Son of God and the perfect judge. He sees everything and his judgements are powerful. Soon, he would act in judgement against that woman and against those people who approved of her wicked acts. (See my note on Revelation 1:14-15).

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