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The end of Godís anger

Revelation 15:1

Revelation 15:1 announces the last of the three great series of judgements in the Book of Revelation. This series is usually called the 7 bowls (or 7 vials).

The judgements themselves happen in chapter 16; chapter 15 records the preparations in heaven for those judgements. The events on earth will be the result of what happens in heaven.

The reason for those judgements is Godís anger. In fact, Revelation 15:7 says that the 7 bowls contain Godís anger.

Many people consider it hard to believe that God can be angry. Godís character is perfect love; so they argue that anger is the opposite of love. However, the Bible insists that God is angry.

Of course he is angry. He is angry at how the devil and his evil forces have taken control of this world. He is angry because people are choosing to do every kind of evil action. He has seen how peopleís thoughts, plans, actions and desires are constantly evil (Romans 3:10-18). God would not be good if he did not hate such things.

However, Godís anger is different from human anger in many ways. Human anger is often unholy and evil. Godís anger is completely holy and good. Human anger often achieves nothing worthwhile. Godís anger will bring about the defeat of every evil force, and the perfect rule of Christ. Human anger is often without limit and without end. People cannot control their anger. However, Godís anger will have an end. It will end when it has achieved its purpose. Soon, all these judgements will be complete and then Christís rule on earth will begin.

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