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Endurance during troubles

Revelation 3:10

During troubles, Christians should stand firm in their relationship with Christ. In other words, they should not allow their enemies to frighten them, and they should not allow their fears to control them. Instead, they must continue to trust God and to serve him. If God gives them the opportunity, they should declare his message, even during their troubles (Mark 13:11).

That is called endurance. Godís word, the Bible, teaches Christians to behave in that manner during their troubles.

Christ told the Christians in Philadelphia that, soon, serious troubles would affect everyone in the world. He called those troubles Ďa trialí, in other words, a test. The troubles would test whether people really were trusting in the right things. If people trusted in money, for example, their money would not protect them in this situation. People would discover that they could not trust the government. They could not trust their friends or family. If they asked false gods for help, those gods could do nothing. People would discover that they could not even depend on themselves.

Such troubles would separate real Christians from false ones. Someone who only pretended to be a Christian would not stand firm during such severe troubles. However, real Christians, like the Christians at Philadelphia, obeyed Christís command that they should show endurance. So, Christ declared that he would keep them safe during their troubles.

That does not mean that those Christians would never suffer any troubles. In this world, Christians have troubles (John 16:33); they will only be free from all troubles when they leave this world to enter heaven. So, the meaning is that Christ would protect their relationship with God. No troubles can ever destroy Godís love for them (Romans 8:38-39).

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