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Godís kindness to people who hate him

Revelation 9:6

Revelation 9:1-11 describes how evil spirits will carry out a terrible attack against the people in this world. It is part of a series of terrible punishments against wicked people (verses 20-21).

What interests us is the reaction of people to such severe troubles. Certainly, we know how they ought to behave. They should make themselves humble in front of God. They should confess their evil deeds to him and they should stop their wrong activities. Perhaps it is even yet possible that God may show kindness to them (Jonah 3:4-9). Perhaps God could forgive them, even at this time.

However, Revelation 9:6 shows us that people will not do that. It astonishes us to see how completely wicked these people will become. At that time, they will not ask God to save them. Instead, they will only desire death. Hell will seem better to them than their present situation. Or perhaps these evil people will hope to find in death the peace that they hated in life (verse 21).

Although these people hate God and his kindness, they are still receiving the benefit of it. God has put a limit on the power of these spirits to hurt them; the trouble can only last for 5 months. So even in this situation, God is showing his kindness. The same devils whom the people serve are causing their pain (verse 20).

Another proof of Godís goodness is the fact that Godís people will not suffer from these troubles (verse 4). A further proof is that people will not die from the troubles. Even in this situation, God is allowing people another opportunity to turn to him. It is very sad when people refuse to do that.

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