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God urges his people to escape from Babylon

Revelation 18:4

God gave the country called Israel to the Jewish people (the people from the family of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) - Numbers chapter 34. When they left there to go into Babylon, it was a punishment for their sins (evil deeds). Babylonís army forced them to remain in Babylon, and they were unable to return for 70 years.

When King Cyrus gave the order to allow them to return to Jerusalem, some people returned immediately (Ezra chapters 1 and 2). More people would return later, but some people chose to remain in Babylon.

Jeremiah chapters 50 and 51 is a prophecy (message from God) about the final, sudden defeat of Babylon. At that time, it will be absolutely urgent for Godís people to leave that place. Three times, God urges his people to escape (Jeremiah 50:8, 51:6 and 51:45).

Then the situation will be like when God punished Sodom (Jeremiah 50:40). Godís people must leave at once (Genesis 19:12-17). Otherwise, they will suffer the same punishment as the guilty people in that evil place (Genesis 19:26; Luke 17:28-32).

It has always been necessary for Godís people to live in a different manner from how other people live (Mark 8:34-38). That becomes even more important now, as the time for Christís return becomes near (Mark 13:32-37). Although Godís people now live with evil people in this world, at that time God will separate them completely (Matthew 13:37-42; Matthew 24:40-42).

So, the voice of God urges Godís people to separate themselves. They should not follow their selfish desires, as other people do in this world. Their real home is not in this world (Hebrews 11:13-16). They do not belong to the cities in this world, like Babylon; they belong to the New Jerusalem (Hebrews 12:22-24; Revelation chapters 21 and 22).

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