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A great crowd in heaven praises God

Revelation 19:1

John wrote the Book of Revelation in the Greek language, but the word HALLELUJAH belongs to the Hebrew language. HALLEL means praise; JAH (or rather, YAH) is the short form of Godís most holy name in Hebrew. So, HALLELUJAH means ĎPraise Godí. It appears at the beginning or end of several Psalms - see, for example, Psalms 111 to 113; Psalms 115 to 117; and Psalms 146 to 150.

It also appears at this important place in the Book of Revelation; in fact, it appears 4 times in chapter 19. From here on, our attention is no longer on the troubles on earth. Instead, our attention will be on God, on Christ, and on the wonderful things that God will do for his people. Soon, John will describe Christ as king. As king, Christ will defeat all his enemies; as king, he will be their judge. As king, he will rule and his rule will never end.

So this is the right time for the vast crowds in heaven to praise God with loud voices. They declare that salvation (safety and rescue) comes from him. He has rescued his people from their cruel enemies, and he has given them complete safety. Godís people were completely unable to defend themselves, but God acted powerfully to save them.

The crowds in heaven also praise God for his glory. Godís glory means his greatness: the splendid beauty of his wonderful character.

Then, they praise him for his power. On earth, Godís enemies seemed to have great power (see chapter 13), until God acted against them. Then, suddenly, their strength became weakness, because Godís power is so great.

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