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The greatness and power of God

Revelation 4:5

When God spoke to Job, he spoke from a great storm (Job 36:27 to 38:1). Again, when God gave his 10 commands to Israelís people, there was a great storm (Exodus 20:18). Psalm 29 describes Godís voice as a powerful storm that breaks apart the largest trees. Psalm 104 describes his perfect control over the storm (Psalm 104:1-4).

We must never forget the greatness and power of God. We must always respect him. We must give him the honour that is due to him. These are the lessons that the above passages teach us.

A terrible storm that destroys everything is, of course, very powerful and very impressive. No amount of human power can ever control such a storm. We see Godís greatness in his power to control a storm. Christ showed his authority when he stopped a storm by his word of command (Mark 4:37-41).

Godís power is not like the power of something that is out of control. God has perfect control over everything that he does. God shows his power by means of his Holy Spirit. The power of the Holy Spirit is the greatest force that exists. John saw that the Holy Spirit in heaven is not acting in a wild manner. The Holy Spiritís power causes 7 great lamps to burn constantly in front of Godís throne (royal seat). Those lamps do not destroy; instead, they give light.

In front of Godís throne, John saw proof of Godís perfect control over the storm. He saw a sea there (verse 6). We would expect such a powerful storm to cause terrible waves on that sea. However, Johnís description shows that the sea was perfectly calm and clear. It was as still as glass.

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