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The invitation: ĎCome!í

Revelation 22:17

The Spirit and the bride give an important invitation. It is just one word: ĎCome.í Because of the importance of the message, everyone who hears should repeat it.

Perhaps the last part of Revelation 22:17 also refers to the same invitation. God has an invitation for everyone who is desperate for his help. If they come to him, he will satisfy them (Revelation 21:6; Revelation 22:1; Isaiah 55:1). He will give them the free gift of the water of life, in other words, the water that gives life. Jesus referred to that in John 4:14. He meant that Godís Holy Spirit will give them life (John 7:37-39). That life will never end (John 3:16).

However, the invitation at the beginning of Revelation 22:17 could be an invitation to Christ to return. John uses the same word in verse 20 when he prays for Christís return. All Godís people should pray for Christís kingdom (his rule) to come on earth (Matthew 6:10). They all should desire Christ to return soon.

The bride of Christ means Godís people (Revelation 19:7-8; Ephesians 5:25-32). The word-picture is of a young woman who is waiting for her marriage. A man has promised to marry her, but he has gone away, to return on the day of their marriage. He has promised to come back soon; and she urges him to do that. Those were the usual customs for a marriage at the time of John. We can imagine how eagerly the woman would wait for her bridegroom to come.

That arrangement is very much like Christís promise to return. Without him, this world cannot satisfy Godís people. With all their hearts, they desire him to return, and his rule on earth to begin. He has given his promise, and his people wait eagerly for that day.

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