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John sees Christ

Revelation 1:13

John had heard the voice of an angel (a special servant of God). So, John turned round to see the angel. We do not know whether John then saw the angel or not. However, John saw someone who is much greater than the most important of all the angels. He saw Christ.

John, of course, had known Christ during his life on earth. In all the Gospels (books about Christís life), there is not one description of Christís appearance. That is probably because there was nothing special about his appearance. Perhaps the best description in the Gospels is John 20:15; Christ looked like a gardener. There was nothing in Christís appearance that would cause people to desire him (Isaiah 53:2).

However, when John first saw Christ in heaven, his appearance astonished John.

Christ has always been, and will always be God. He became man. He is both God, and man. We are sure that John explained that lesson often (John 1:1-14; 1 John 1:1-3). Now, however, John saw it for himself, in the appearance of Christ.

Even in heaven, Christ is still man. John used the phrase that Christ himself used often to describe this: the son of man. At the same time, Johnís words may remind us of Daniel 7:13-14. There God gives to Christ, who is the son of man, all authority, honour and power. Another similar passage is Psalm 8:4-6.

John saw that Christ was wearing long clothes. In Israel at that time, it was usual for a man to wear clothes that reached to his feet. That was what Christ wore during his life on earth (John 19:23). Then, his belt would have been cloth or leather; now his belt was gold. That shows that God had given him the authority to rule (Matthew 28:18).

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