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Lessons from Christís letters to the 7 churches

Revelation 3:22

We have already discussed the meaning of this verse - see my notes on Revelation 2:29. Here, we will discuss some lessons that Christís letters to the 7 churches teach us.

(1) We see that churches matter to God. Churches are not just organisations of human origin, like clubs and societies. God likes to gather his people together. See Hebrews 10:24-25 and 1 Corinthians 12:12-28.

(2) In the same manner, God has given responsibility to church leaders. Actually, we probably should call them servants of God, rather than leaders. They serve God in the work that they do to help other people.

(3) Every church is different, but Christ knows the state of each church. All Christians have problems in this world, so every church also has problems and difficulties.

(4) Christ urges every Christian to serve him loyally. Every Christian should do his (Christís) work in this world. They should all learn to trust him completely. They should declare his good news when God gives them an opportunity. They should help poor, ill and weak people. However, they must not neglect their love for God, or for other people.

(5) Christians will have difficulties, for example their own wrong desires, cruel enemies, and people who teach wrong things about God. In all these matters, they must remain loyal to Christ.

(6) When Christians have done wrong things, they must return to God. They must confess their wrong deeds to God and they must change their attitudes and behaviour, with his help.

(7) Christians can overcome their troubles in this life, because of Christís death for them. As they trust him, he will show them how to serve him. In the end, there will be a great reward for them in heaven and the New Jerusalem.

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