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The nations of the new earth and their kings

Revelation 21:24

Babylon had a terrible effect on the whole world. It persuaded rulers and nations across the world to join in its evil acts (14:8; 17:2).

The New Jerusalem, Godís city, will have a wonderful effect upon the whole of the new earth. The glory of God (the splendid beauty of his perfect character) will shine out from it to fill the whole world.

The result is that, upon the new earth, all people will serve God. Revelation 21:24 says that the nations will walk by the light of Godís glory. In the Bible, Ďto walkí is often a word-picture for how people live (for example, Psalm 119:1). Light seems to be a word-picture for true wisdom; that is, the knowledge that comes from God (John 1:4-5). So, the earth will be full of the knowledge of God (Isaiah 11:9). The people will all know him (see Jeremiah 31:34).

Kings and rulers also have a kind of glory. Their glory means their honour and greatness. In our present world, many rulers are very proud of their honour and greatness. They will not share their honour or greatness with anyone, but use these things to increase their power.

On Godís new earth, the rulers will not be proud, but humble (Mark 10:42-44). They will not keep the glory for themselves, but will gladly give it to God. We saw in Revelation 4:10 that the rulers in heaven already have that attitude.

God created the heavens and the earth. Therefore, all glory (honour and greatness) in heaven and earth belongs to him (Isaiah 42:8). In our present world, people often refuse to give God the glory that he deserves. In the new heaven and earth, God will receive all the glory.

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