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The power of Christ

Revelation 19:15

John continues his special description of Christ as the ruler of heavenís armies.

A rulerís greatest power is in the power of his words. He achieves things by his commands. That is also true about God. It was by his word that God created all things (Genesis chapter 1). It will be by his word that Christ will defeat the devil and all his forces (19:21).

That is the meaning of the sword from Christís mouth, both here and in Revelation 1:16. Godís word has great power (Hebrews 4:12). Unlike the words of a human ruler, however, God does not depend on anyone elseís strength to carry out his purposes. Godís word is enough. Even when Christ was on earth, the power of his words astonished people (Matthew 8:8; Mark 1:27; Mark 4:39-41).

The iron rod (stick) is a reference to Psalm 2:9. Revelation 2:27 and 12:5 also refer to that Psalm. The Psalm describes how God will give complete authority over the nations to his Son. An iron rod does not bend or break; in the same manner, nobody will be able to stand against Christís rule.

To make wine, people must squeeze the juice from grapes (fruit). The traditional method was to do it by foot, in a place called a wine-press. The colour of the juice would make the workersí clothes and bodies red. That reminded people of the colour of blood, and therefore of the defeat of their enemies (14:19-20). Isaiah 63:1-6 uses this word-picture. It describes how God completely defeats his enemies in order to save his people. That is also the meaning of Revelation 19:15 and Psalm 2. In this great battle, Christ will defeat all Godís enemies completely.

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