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Remain loyal to God

Revelation 2:25

What Christ asks his people to do is very simple. He does not give them rules that are too difficult for them (compare Matthew 11:28-30 and Luke 11:46). He does not want them to study strange mysteries (2:24).

Instead, Christís message is clear for everyone to understand (2 Corinthians 4:2). It is that he, Godís Son, came into this world to save people. All people are guilty of evil acts that are against Godís law (Romans 3:23). However, because of Christís death, God can forgive people. They must confess their evil deeds to God and they must invite him into their lives.

When people have done that, Christís instructions to them are also very simple. In the future, he will come again to this world, to be its judge and to establish his rule. In the meantime, he simply asks Christians to remain loyal to God.

Christ has provided everything that they need to do that. He has given them his word, the Bible, to teach them. He has sent his Holy Spirit into their lives, to help them and to guide them (John 14:16; John 16:13). They can request Christís help constantly in their prayers. Often, he uses other Christians to support them (1 Corinthians 12:27-30). He is active in their lives.

A Christianís relationship with God is important. God considers it precious, and each Christian should consider it precious, too (see Matthew 13:44-46). The value of that relationship is greater than everything that this world can offer (Matthew 16:26). In fact, that relationship will last longer than the world itself (21:1-4).

So, Christians should be very careful not to do anything that offends God. They must remain loyal to God.

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