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The third trumpet: a star spoils a third of the fresh water

Revelation 8:10-11

At the time of the terrible events in Revelation chapter 8, we can expect people to ask what has caused them.

It will seem as if completely different things have caused these troubles. The ice, fire and blood in verse 7 came from a storm, in the air above the earth. The trouble in the sea (verse 8) seemed to come from a great mountain, which fell from the land into the sea. Now, in verse 10, a great star seems to cause the trouble.

It is like a great battle, when there are attacks from every side. John explains that these troubles are the result of the events in heaven. However, he does not say that God is causing these troubles. In fact, in Revelation 9:11, he says that evil forces are doing these terrible things. God permits these things to happen as his judgement against the earth, but God never approves of any evil act.

The judgement against the seas (verses 8-9) did not affect the supply of drinking water. The water in the sea is too salty for people to drink. However, this next judgement is against the supplies of water that they need to drink.

Wormwood is a plant with a very bitter taste; people used to use it as a medicine. The ‘Wormwood’ in verse 11 is a star and not a plant; however, it has the same effect as the plant. It makes the water bitter. In fact, it is so bitter that it causes the deaths of many people. It has spoilt the supplies of water, and people have nothing else to drink.

When there are terrible troubles, people should turn to God. They should confess their evil deeds to him; they should ask him to forgive them (Ezekiel 18:30-32). However, at the time of this terrible event, people will not do that. They will continue to offend God by their wicked acts (9:20-21).

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