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The time for Godís judgement

Revelation 11:17-18

Psalm 2 describes how God will establish the rule of Christ, Godís Son, over the world. In that Psalm, the evil rulers of the world join together to oppose Godís rule. However, God, in his anger, acts against them (Psalm 2:5). He laughs at their weakness; his declaration establishes his Sonís complete rule over the whole world.

Revelation 11:17 emphasises the great power of God. His enemies, the nations, consider themselves strong and powerful; they try in anger to oppose him. However, they are completely unable to fight against his plans and purposes. He alone has all power; when he uses that power against them, the complete weakness of his enemies will become clear. When God chooses to act, no force on earth or in hell will ever be able successfully to oppose him.

Revelation 11:18 explains that the time for judgement will come. Everyone, whether alive or dead, must stand before God as their judge. For their whole lives, evil people may escape punishment for their crimes; but nobody can escape the judgement when God is their judge.

The time for judgement is also the time when God rewards his loyal servants. They suffered much in this world, but now all things will be theirs (Matthew 5:5). Revelation 11:18 describes them in various ways. They are the prophets, in other words, those people who spoke Godís word. They are the saints (holy people), in other words, the people who belong to God. They are the people who respected God; in other words, they gave honour to his name. All of Godís people will receive his reward, whether people considered them important in this world or not.

However, first God must act against the evil forces that are destroying this world. He ends the devilís power in this world, so that Christís rule can begin.

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