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The two witnesses become alive again

Revelation 11:11

John believed strongly in the power of God. He believed that God can give life to dead people. On several occasions, he had already been a witness of that fact.

John was present in the room where Jesus brought Jairusís daughter back to life (Mark 5:35-43). That event happened in private; Jesus would only permit a few people to be present then. However, John had also seen Jesus do these things in public. John was at Nain when Jesus brought a widowís son to life. That happened during the funeral procession, when a great crowd of people was present (Luke 7:11-15).

The event in John chapter 11, when Jesus brought Lazarus back to life, was even more astonishing. Lazarus had been dead for 4 days. However, the most important of these events was when Jesus himself came back to life. John was the first of Jesusí disciples (special students) who saw the empty grave (John 20:4-5).

When God first created man, his breath (that is, his Spirit) entered the man (Genesis 2:7). That is how the man became alive. Our lives depend on the work of Godís Spirit. Nobody can live unless Godís Spirit gives them life. No dead body can remain dead when Godís Spirit enters it.

Revelation 11:11 is about the two witnesses, who will declare Godís messages during the period before Christís return. Their enemies will kill them, and they will be dead for three and a half days. That is a long enough period to prove that the bodies really are dead. However, no period of time is long enough to prevent the work of God.

When these two people will become alive again, their enemies will see it. Then everyone will know that God really has done this thing. This event will have a powerful effect on people (verse 13). However, it will not end the wicked behaviour of Godís enemies. Even worse things will happen after this, before Christ returns to rule (see chapter 13).

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