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Why it is sensible to believe in Christís return

Revelation 22:13

We are aware that many Christians find it extremely difficult to believe in Christís return. For us, however, it is just a sensible thing to believe. God, who created the world, will one day return to rule it. God, who has declared certain things to be evil, will one day return to be the judge of those things. God, who has made promises to his people, will one day return to carry out his promises. These are clear, simple facts that every Christian should be able to believe.

It is in this manner that Christ speaks in Revelation 22:13. He repeats three times, in different ways, that he was there at the beginning of all things. He is the ALPHA (the first letter in the Greek alphabet); he is the first; he is the beginning. Christ already existed at the beginning of all things (John 1:1). He made all things; nothing exists that he did not make (John 1:3).

However, our present world is very different from how God wanted it to be. God created men and women to be perfect, but people have turned away from him (Ecclesiastes 7:29). Everywhere we see the terrible evidence that people have chosen to follow evil schemes (Romans 3:10-18). Our world has become a very wicked place (Romans 1:29-32).

We cannot deal with all the evil things in this world, but God can. Only he can make it into the perfect world that he intended it to be. Therefore, we need Christ to return to finish his work.

As Christ was present at the beginning of all things, so he will bring them to their final state. That is, the perfect state that God intended. Therefore, he is called the OMEGA (the last letter), the last and the end. He will complete his work and then, at last, the heavens and the earth will be perfect.

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