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Abraham remained firm in his trust in God

Romans 4:20-22

Paul is still writing about Abraham. However, we think that he has a lesson for us, his readers. It may not be an easy lesson that we must learn.

So often, we give more attention to our circumstances than to the promises of God. We allow doubts to enter our mind; and those doubts make our trust in God even weaker. God has promised something; but we ask whether that thing is likely to happen. Godís word may be clear; but we ask whether it could have any other possible meaning. We even dare to make excuses for God; but the simple reality is that we do not believe him.

Abraham too could have chosen not to believe God. Every natural circumstance seemed to prove that Godís word to him was wrong. However, Abraham knew that Godís promises are certain. Therefore, Abraham remained firm in his belief and trust in God (Hebrews 10:36-39). Abraham had firmly decided to trust God in every circumstance, whatever happened.

The result of that decision was that Abrahamís trust in God became even stronger. The effect of it was to give honour to God. God received honour from Abrahamís life because Abraham remained constantly loyal to God.

We can see from that how powerful faith (belief and trust in God) is. Sin (wrong and evil words, thoughts and deeds) separates people from God (Isaiah 59:2); but faith brings them back to God. When we have faith in God, God can give us a right relationship with himself. He does it because of the death of Christ (4:24-25), when we believe and trust in him.

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