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Christ, the root of Jesse, will rule the whole world

Romans 15:12

People called Christ Ďthe son of Davidí (Mark 12:35) because he came from the family of King David, Israelís king (Matthew 1:1-16). However, Isaiah 11:10 calls him Ďthe root of Jesseí, who was Davidís father. It is the root that supports the plant; the plant does not support the root (11:18). Christ did not receive his authority to rule from David; rather, Davidís family received their authority to rule as kings from Christ.

Isaiah chapter 11 describes the future time when Christís rule over the whole world will be complete and perfect. At that time, judgements will be right and proper; cruelty will end, and the knowledge of God will fill the earth.

Isaiah 11:10 in the Hebrew language uses word-pictures, which Paulís translation into the Greek language (in Romans 15:12) explains. In the Hebrew language, the root of Jesse (Christ) stands like a flag, and the nations gather round him. A flag is a sign that shows royal authority; therefore, the meaning is that Christ will rule the nations. The nations do not gather round him to oppose his rule; but rather they gather gladly to accept his rule. They have suffered so much, for so long, from the actions of cruel and wicked rulers. So, the beginning of Christís good and perfect rule on earth gives them the most wonderful hope for the future.

The rule of Christ, the king of Israel, will be wonderful news for the whole world. In fact, his rule is already wonderful news for the Christians from every nation, who have accepted his rule over their lives. So, the Christians from every nation should join with Israelís people to praise God with great joy (15:9-12).

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