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Christians are the servants of God

Romans 14:4

As Christ often did (for example Mark 13:32-37). Paul describes Godís people as the servants of God. His word for a Ďservantí is not the general word for a worker, here. Instead Paul chooses the word for someone who carries out personal duties for his master, in the masterís house. (See also Luke 16:13, which uses the same word.)

Of course such a servant is responsible only to his master, and nobody else. Nobody else has the right to say whether that servantís work is satisfactory. It does not matter whether or not the other servants approve of that servantís work. Only the masterís opinion about his servant is truly important.

When Christians meet together, there are often disagreements between them, and sometimes arguments. Perhaps they become bitter against each other; perhaps they start to accuse each other. It is like the situation when the servants in a house begin to argue against each other. However, God is their master; and only his opinion about each of his servants truly matters.

It is wonderful for us to know that God approves of his servants. Of course he does not approve of their wrong deeds or their foolish actions. He approves of them because Christ died for them (5:8-9). He approves of them because of their faith (active belief and trust) in him (4:1-8). He approves of them because they truly are his people (8:28-34). He has begun a great work in their lives, and he will certainly complete it (Romans 8:15-19; Philippians 1:6).

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