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Could God act wrongly?

Romans 9:14

Here, Paul asks whether God could have acted wrongly. Of course such a thing could never happen. Paul has asked the question only to emphasise its answer. God is perfect in all that he does (Deuteronomy 32:4). As the judge of all people, everything that he does is right and proper (Genesis 18:25). His judgements are never wrong (3:4).

Peopleís decisions seem so weak when we try to compare them with Godís judgements. Often, people make the wrong decisions because of their selfish and evil attitudes (3:9-18). However, even the best decisions of the most sincere people cannot compare with the wisdom of God (Job 40:1-14; Isaiah 40:12-28).

That is because God has placed limits on peopleís knowledge and wisdom. No person can know everything, no person has perfect wisdom. If people did have perfect knowledge, then they would always know the truth. If people had perfect wisdom, then they could always make the best decisions.

It is astonishing, therefore, when people protest against Godís judgements (9:19-20). They dare to speak as if their wisdom and knowledge are greater than Godís wisdom and knowledge.

God sees what we cannot see (Psalm 139:1-6). He has perfect knowledge even of what will happen in the future (Isaiah 48:3-7).

Paul has been explaining how God chose Jacobís family, rather than Esauís family, to be his special people. Even if that decision seems wrong to us at the present time, it cannot in reality be wrong. All Godís judgements are perfect. Godís plan for the future will prove his decision to be right, proper and good.

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