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Do what is good to defeat the power of evil

Romans 12:21

Christians choose to live in a good, honest and truthful manner because that kind of life pleases God (Matthew 5:48; Romans 12:2). In fact, God, who is good and perfect in every way (James 1:17), can approve of no other kind of life (Psalm 15).

It is not easy to live in a good manner in this world, where evil forces have so much power. People will often oppose us, with their evil words, evil plans and evil behaviour.

Godís people will certainly overcome all their troubles in this world, because of Christís great love for them (8:37). However, to do that, they cannot behave as many people do in this world. They cannot allow hate, or cruelty, or bitter feelings to direct their actions. They must not use bad words to oppose someone who speaks bad words against them. They cannot act cruelly, even against someone who has been cruel to them. If they did those wrong things, they would not have achieved anything good.

Christians overcome their troubles, not by evil acts, but by good acts. They show kindness, even to their enemies (12:20). They show love, even to people who hate them (Matthew 5:43-44). They do not do these things in order to impress people, or in order to give themselves a sense of satisfaction. Often, they find it very difficult to do the right things in such circumstances, because it is against their natural feelings. So, they must depend on God to help them and to give them strength. They themselves are often weak - but Christ gives them the power to live in the manner that pleases God (2 Corinthians 12:9-10).

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