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A full blessing

Romans 15:29

Paul told Rome's Christians that he would come to them with a full blessing from Christ. Blessings are the good things that God says and does for people. A full blessing means a very wonderful blessing. It satisfies us completely; we believe that we would not be able to receive anything more. The word-picture in Psalm 23:5 is of a full cup that simply cannot contain anything more; so, the wine spills over because God's goodness never ends.

Paul believed that such a blessing was coming to the Christian churches because of the gift in Romans 15:25-28. In Malachi 3:8-10, God promises to give a blessing like that when his people give. The gift that Paul was taking to Jerusalem was a very special gift. It was for the benefit of some very poor, but very holy Christians. Christians from several nations joined to make that gift to Judea's Jewish Christians. So, in a very special way, that gift united them with the Jewish Christians (compare Ephesians 2:11-18). (The Jewish people are Israel's people; in Genesis 12:3, God promises to give his blessing through them).

Paul also considered that this gift finished his work in the countries east of Rome (15:23-24). His future work would be in Rome and further west, perhaps in Spain (15:24). So, Paul believed that he would bring Christ's blessing with him on his future journeys.

When Paul actually reached Rome, he arrived as a prisoner. However, he was still able to meet many people and to declare to them God's message, the gospel (Acts 28:16-31). Only a few years later, the Christians in Rome suffered greatly because of the government's cruelty. However, that cruelty could not stop God's work (8:31-39). Even as they suffered, many more people became Christians. The blessings that God gives in this world do sometimes come with troubles (Mark 10:30). However, there will be no such troubles in heaven, or in the future when Christ rules (8:18). God's goodness to his people is truly wonderful.

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