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God acts for his own honour, even in the lives of evil people

Romans 9:21

We do not consider it strange that a person makes different kinds of pots from the same material. He needs pots in which to store beautiful things - but he also needs pots to carry unclean substances away. He designs each pot for its proper purpose.

There does not need to be evil people in the world - there will be none in the future world (Revelation 22:14-15). However, they are here now, and God must decide what to do with them.

He could decide to carry out his judgement against them all immediately. However, he has chosen not to, because his patience is great. 2 Peter 3:9 explains the reason for that patience. God is giving people the opportunity to turn to him. There are not just a few evil people in the world. We all are guilty of many wrong and evil things (3:23). However, if we turn from our evil deeds to invite Christ into our lives, God will forgive us.

However, some people become so evil that they are completely unwilling to let God change their lives. They ruin their own lives, but they cannot destroy Godís plan to save (rescue) his people (8:35-39). Instead, God can work through the life of an evil person to carry out his (God's) own plans (8:28). So, our wrong deeds bring Godís judgement against ourselves - but they give God an opportunity to act for his own honour (3:5-7). Because Pharaoh opposed Godís people so cruelly, that gave God the opportunity to rescue them in great power (9:17). God carries out his work in the lives of both good and evil people - but always, he acts to save his people, and to bring honour to himself.

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