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God can forgive us because of Christís death

Romans 3:24-25

In verse 23, Paul writes that, in Godís opinion, we are all guilty of wrong and evil acts. So now, of course, we would expect to read about Godís anger against us. However, Paul astonishes us. Instead of Godís anger, Paul writes about the greatness of Godís kindness. God does not want us to suffer his punishment; he wants to show us his kindness. God offers freely to forgive us; and that is possible because of Christís death for us.

Our best efforts to obey Godís law cannot give us a right relationship with God (verse 20). However, God offers us that relationship freely because of his grace, his great kindness. Paul describes that offer as the offer of Ďredemptioní. Redemption is when someone buys freedom for a prisoner, or for a slave. In the same way, God can free us from the power of the devil, of evil deeds, and of death (1 Corinthians 15:55-57; Hebrews 2:14-15).

We would expect there to be a payment for redemption; however, we cannot pay God to forgive us. Instead, God himself paid the cost by the death of Christ (verse 25). Here, Paul uses the language of sacrifice. The sacrifices were the animals that people offered to God (Leviticus 17:11). In the same way, God can accept us because of Christís blood (that is, his death). Christ died so that God can show us his kindness and not his anger. We must receive his kindness by faith; that is, we must put our trust in God. Christ suffered our punishment so that we can have a right relationship with God.

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