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God's love for the nation that lost his love

Romans 9:25

Paul has been teaching us lessons from Israelís history. First, from the lives of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, he taught us how God chose that nation to be his special people (9:6-13). Then, from the life of Moses, he showed how God saved them. God rescued his people when they were slaves in Egypt (9:14-24)

Now Paul discusses a time, centuries later, when few of Israelís people were loyal to God. In fact, several of their kings hated the true God so much that they tried to destroy his religion. By their evil behaviour, those kings brought about the ruin of their country - but they could not destroy Godís plans for his people.

From that period of history, Paul selects two passages from Hosea, and two from Isaiah, that show Godís plan for Israel.

This first passage comes from Hosea 2:23. That chapter uses the wrong behaviour of Hoseaís wife as a word-picture for Israelís wrong behaviour. She had not been loyal to Hosea, her husband, even as Israelís people had not been loyal to God (Hosea 2:2-5). So, God would punish Israel (Hosea 2:9-13). However, his intention was not to destroy Israel, but to bring Israel back into a right relationship with him.

So, God declared that he would again, in the future, show his love to Israel (Hosea 2:14-20). This nation, that had lost his love, would know his love again. Israelís people had chosen not to live as the people of God. However, in the future, Israelís people would return to God (Hosea 3:5). Then, they would be truly the people of God (Hosea 2:23), Godís special people.

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