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God's message is simple to accept

Romans 10:8

‘God has a message for you.’ However, maybe that statement surprises you. Perhaps you thought that you must go to heaven to hear God’s voice. Perhaps you believed that you must pass through death first (10:6-7).

Most people would think that you must carry out some extraordinary effort to hear from God. However, both Moses (Deuteronomy 30:14) and Paul insist that people are wrong to think that. Both Moses and Paul teach that God has made it very easy for you to receive his (God’s) message. It is ‘in your mouth’, so you only have to speak it. It is ‘in your heart’, and you only need to believe it. Clearly, God wants very much for us to accept his message.

This message from God is so clear that you already know it. However, sometimes we might need a little help in order to recognise it. For Moses, the message was that we must obey God with glad and willing hearts (Deuteronomy 30:10). For Paul, the message was the ‘word of faith’. Faith means belief and trust in God. So, Paul’s message was that we must believe and trust God. Of course, the result of both these messages is the same. The person who believes and trusts God, is glad to obey him. The person who obeys God, must believe and trust him.

We accept God’s message by the attitude of our heart, and the words of our mouth (10:9-10). Even as the devil constantly urges us not to trust God, God constantly invites us to believe and trust him (God).

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