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God saves everyone who truly trusts Christ

Romans 1:16

The gospel is Godís message about Christ and his death. That message may seem foolish to many people, but by it, God saves (rescues) his people (1 Corinthians 1:18). He rescues them from sin (evil deeds), from the devil and from death. Because of Christís death on the cross, people who were formerly Godís enemies can receive a right relationship with God (5:6-10).

The gospel is a message for people from every nation (15:8-12) Paul mentions two nations to show this fact. He contrasts the Jews (people who belong to Israel) with the Greeks (people who belong to Greece). God has separated the Jews to belong especially to him as his holy nation. On the other hand, the Greeks did not know the real God. They served many false gods; and they loved those things that people in this world consider great. However, Godís message about Christ is for both Jews, and Greeks, and everyone else. God will save everyone who has faith.

To have faith means the same as to believe. However, Paul is not saying that people need to convince themselves about certain ideas. Faith means active belief and trust in God. Paul is saying that, for God to save a person, that person must put their trust in Christ. People need to realise that they cannot earn a right relationship with God by their own efforts (4:1-8). In fact, it is their own wrong deeds that have separated them from God (3:9-20). However, Christ died to suffer the punishment that they deserve (5:8). Nobody can save themselves, therefore, people must trust Christ to save them.

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