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Important events in Paul's work for God

Romans 15:25

This verse shows clearly when in Paul's life he wrote the Book of Romans.

The Book of Acts records three long journeys that Paul travelled in order to declare the gospel (the good news about Christ). The first of these, which he travelled with Barnabas, is in Acts 13:1 to 14:28. It ends with the meeting of the apostles (first church leaders) in Jerusalem in Acts chapter 15.

Paul's second journey, with Silas, is in Acts 15:36 to 18:22. During that journey, Paul stayed in Corinth for 18 months while he established the church there. That journey ends with Paul's return to Antioch, which was Paul's own church (compare Acts 11:25-26; 13:1-3 and 18:22-23).

The third journey is in Acts 18:23 to 21:19. During this journey, Paul spent two years in Ephesus and he established a large church there. While he was still in Ephesus, he encouraged Corinth's Christians to collect a gift for the poor Christians in Judea (1 Corinthians 16:1-4). Paul then went through Macedonia into Corinth. There, Paul joined the men who were taking that gift to Jerusalem.

Paul probably wrote the Book of Romans during that last visit to Corinth. The book does not mention Corinth but Cenchrea (16:1) was near Corinth (Acts 18:18). So, Paul wrote Romans just a few weeks after he wrote 2 Corinthians. He wrote 1 Corinthians about a year previously.

This gift was an extremely important event for Christians in the new churches that Paul had established. Five books of the Bible have references to it, or to Paul's journey to take it to Jerusalem. (In addition to Acts, Romans and 1 Corinthians, Galatians 2:10 refers to it. However, the longest explanation of it is in 2 Corinthians chapters 8 and 9).

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