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The most wicked behaviour

Romans 1:28-32

The cruel and evil behaviour of people in this world is the result of the evil thoughts that fill their minds (Mark 7:20-23). Some people become so evil that they no longer consider their own acts to be wrong. However, there is an attitude that is even worse than that.

Some people know how God wants people to live. They know that Godís law is right and good. They realise that Godís judgement is against people who do evil things. However, they choose on purpose to do what is wicked. They even use their power over other people to encourage those people to behave in the same manner. That is very wicked.

Few people are so wicked as that, but everybody does wrong and evil things (3:23). Most people, even if they do not know Godís law, would consider much of the behaviour in verses 29 to 31 to be evil. Those verses describe behaviour that is nasty, cruel, ungrateful and unkind.

We know that Godís judgement is perfect. He is right to declare his judgement against all evil acts. We too can recognise that the results of evil behaviour in this world are truly terrible. However, if we are truly against all these evil things then we must examine our own thoughts, words and actions. There, we will find that we too are guilty. Like everyone else, we too have offended against Godís law (1 John 1:8)

Therefore, we all need God to save (rescue) us from our evil deeds. That is possible only because of what Jesus did for us (6:23).

Next part: We should examine ourselves, not accuse other people (Romans 2:1-3)


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