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The nature of Godís judgement

Romans 2:6-8

Perhaps we would like to know the nature of Godís judgement. Psalm 96:13 declares that God will judge the world in righteousness (in other words, rightly). Here, Paul explains more clearly what that means.

Firstly, God will be the judge of all people. Nobody will escape Godís judgement. God will be the judge of people from every nation. Whether we consider people to be important or not, God will still be their judge.

Secondly, God will be the judge of each person. He knows each person; and he knows what they have done. He will not punish one person for another personís wrong acts. His judgement about each person will be right.

Next, Godís judgement will be about the way that people have lived during their lives on earth. God knows their words, thoughts and deeds; he knows their attitudes and their behaviour. He will certainly punish evil people; he will certainly reward those people who have patiently continued to do what is right.

The reward for Godís people is life that never ends. However, evil people will suffer the anger of God.

Paul describes Godís people in verse 7. They are the people who patiently do good work. They desire the true greatness, honour, and life that only God can give. However, Paul does not yet explain how we can join these people to gain this wonderful reward. That is a problem, because we are all guilty of wrong and evil acts. Therefore, we all deserve Godís punishment. Paul explains the answer to this important problem in Romans 5:6-9. When Christ died, he suffered the punishment for us. To join Godís people, therefore, we must confess our evil deeds to God, and we must invite Christ into our lives.

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