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New thoughts so that we can do what God wants

Romans 12:2

If we offer our lives to God (12:1), then our lives must change. We cannot still live in the way that so many people live during this present age (Psalm 1:1; Romans 1:28-31). We need to have new thoughts, new desires and new attitudes. Therefore, we need God to change even the way that we think.

Genuine love - both for God and for other people - must replace our selfish attitudes (Mark 12:28-31). We must learn to trust God for those things that we truly need (Luke 12:22-34). Our attention should be upon heaven, where we belong, and not merely on the things of this world (Philippians 3:17-20).

When we first invite Christ into our lives, the change in our relationship with God happens at once (John 1:12; 2 Corinthians 5:17). We cannot always expect all our attitudes and thoughts to change so suddenly. So, we do wrong things that we should confess to God (1 John 1:9). However, as Christians we desire to live in the way that pleases God. So, we must learn from the Bible about how God wants us to live (Hebrews 5:12).

We might be afraid of what God wants us to do. However, we should not be afraid. Godís desires for us are always good (James 1:17). In every situation, he works in the lives of his people to achieve what is good (8:28). We may not now see that, especially when we suffer troubles (Romans 8:18; 2 Corinthians 4:17). Even Paul had to confess that he was not yet perfect (Philippians 3:12). However, in the end, Godís plan for his people is to make them perfect (Romans 8:18-21; Revelation 21:1-7). In that way, God will complete the work that he has now begun in their lives.

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