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The people in Israel who are loyal to God

Romans 9:27-28

Isaiah chapter 10 is an exciting chapter to read. It describes a fierce attack against Israel by the powerful army of Assyria. They have defeated the northern part of Israel; now they enter the southern part, called Judah. They confidently expect to destroy Jerusalem. However, God himself will soon act in anger against them, because of their great pride.

In the middle of this chapter (Isaiah 10:22-23) appear the words that Paul repeats. Israel may be such a vast nation that it cannot count its people. However, God does not act on their behalf because of their great numbers (compare 1 Samuel 14:6). Rather, God acts on behalf of the people in the nation who remain loyal to him. They may be very few, but God cares very much about them. He would save a whole city if just a few good people remain there (Genesis 18:23-32). God may permit a terrible judgement against a city or nation - but even in such situations, he defends his loyal people.

Paul repeated these words long after the nation called Assyria had disappeared. He wanted to show a principle by which God acts on behalf of his people, called Israel or the Jewish people. God is making them into a nation where all the people are loyal to him (11:26). That will happen at the time of Christís return, when the whole world will begin to serve God (Zechariah 14:9).

At the present time, all of Israelís people are not loyal to God. However, some people are loyal to God and because of them, God protects the Jewish people. They are the beginning of Godís work among the Jewish people (Romans 11:16; Revelation 7:1-8; Revelation 14:1-5). Because of their sincere belief and trust in God, God will one day act to save (rescue) their whole nation.

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