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Reasons to study the Book of Romans

Here are some of the main reasons why we study the Book of Romans:

(1) In a clear and powerful way, the book reminds us about God's greatness. God is the judge of all people, and all his decisions are right and proper (2:6-11). His wisdom and knowledge have no limit (11:33-36). His anger is severe (1:18-20), but his love, even for guilty people, is very great (5:6-8).

Nobody can successfully oppose God (8:31); and nothing can prevent the power of his love on behalf of his people (8:35-39). God works in the circumstances of their lives to bring about the plans that he has for them (8:28-30) - and those plans are truly wonderful (8:18).

(2) The Book of Romans also tells us the truth about the state of our lives without God. God is our judge, and we all are guilty of many wrong and evil deeds (3:9-19; 3:23). It is our duty to recognise our own personal responsibility, and not to accuse other people (2:1-11). By our own efforts, we can do nothing to earn or to gain a right relationship with God (4:1-8). Such a relationship is only possible because, in his great love, God sent Christ to die for us (5:6-8). So, we can only receive a right relationship with God when we believe and trust in Christ (6:23). When we trust Christ, God forgives our evil deeds.

(3) The Book of Romans shows us how greatly God changes his people's lives by means of Christ's death. They, who were his enemies, become his friends (5:6-11). They deserved to die, but God gives them life without end (6:23). It is as if they died with Christ (6:1-4). Now they live by the power of his Holy Spirit (8:1-13).

(4) The book teaches that Christians must not allow their own natural desires and feelings to control their lives (6:11-14; 7:7-25). God has given them his Holy Spirit to guide and to direct their lives (8:9-11).

(5) We learn from the Book of Romans about the wonderful plans that God has for the future of his people (8:18). The devil and his evil forces cannot defeat those plans (8:31-39). Rather, God uses even the troubles in his people's lives to achieve what is truly good (8:28). He is making them more like Christ (8:29); in the future age, he will adopt them with the full rights of sons in his family (8:23).

(6) The Book of Romans explains God's plans both for Israel and for the other nations. Although many people from Israel are not obeying him, God's promises to Israel continue (11:1-6). At the present time, people from other nations have an opportunity to trust God (11:25). God wants Israel's people to desire the same relationship with him (God) that those other people have (11:11).

Immediately before Christ's return, all of Israel's people will turn back to God (11:26). That event will be very wonderful for the whole world, and for people from every nation (11:12; 11:15).

(7) In the Book of Romans, Paul explains how Christians should live in our present world (12:1-2). They should have sincere attitudes; they should love even their enemies (12:9-21). They should respect people in authority (13:1-7). They should care for those people who are weak (14:1 to 15:3).

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