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Some people who do not know Godís law, still obey it

Romans 2:14-16

Here is some evidence that Godís law really does teach the right way for people to live. By ĎGodís lawí, we mean his instructions in the first 5 books of the Bible.

God has made it possible for people everywhere to know some important facts about him. Therefore, people have no excuse when, on purpose, they act in a wicked manner (1:18-20). However, not everyone chooses to behave in such an evil manner.

In every nation, there are some sincere people who do not approve of evil acts. They try hard to do what is good and right in every situation. They are not perfect; but they behave differently from the people round them. They would prefer to suffer rather than to do something wrong.

Many of those people know nothing about Godís law. However, they are behaving in the way that Godís law teaches people to behave. They act in this manner simply because they recognise it to be right.

Such people are the best people who live in this world. Even before they hear Godís law, it is already in their hearts. In other words, they already want to obey it.

Few people are truly like that. However, very many people have some of the same attitudes. They have a conscience, in other words, they make judgements about their own actions. They are pleased when they do something good. They feel guilty when they do something bad. So they too approve of Godís law, even if they do not know it.

However, very often our conscience does not guide us in the right way. That is why it is so important to read and to obey the Bible. The Bible is Godís word; by it, God teaches us (Psalm 119:98-100). Only God is the perfect judge of our words, thoughts and deeds.

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