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The Messiah's new covenant with Israel

Romans 11:27

The Jews, also called Israelís people, are the people whom God chose as his special, holy nation. The Christians are the people from every nation who have received a right relationship with God because of Christís death (5:8).

However, God does not deal with the Jews differently from the people who belong to other nations (2:9-11). All people are under Godís judgement because of their evil deeds (3:9). All people need to turn from those evil deeds; all people need to believe and to trust in Christ (1:16). Godís message about Christ, the gospel, is for people from every nation.

From the Bible, the Jews know that God will carry out his promises to them by means of the Messiah. The Messiah means the king whom God will send to them. The word ĎChristí is a translation into the Greek language of the Hebrew word, ĎMessiahí. However, most Jews at the present time do not recognise Jesus as their Messiah. So, they are waiting for God to show them who that Messiah is. The Messiah will save (rescue) their nation, and he will bring them into a right relationship with God (11:26). So they, like everyone else, must turn away from sin (wrong and evil attitudes and behaviour), and believe and trust in God (11:23).

In Romans 11:27, Paul probably refers to Jeremiah 31:33-34. When the Messiah comes, he will establish a new covenant (an agreement that establishes a relationship) with Israel. Then they will truly know him, and they will gladly obey him. This will happen when God has forgiven their sin. Godís relationship with their nation will never end (Jeremiah 31:35-37; Romans 11:29).

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