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Who advises God?

Romans 11:34

We often say that God is truly great. However, our minds constantly fail to understand how great God really is.

For example, we call God our king. However, kings depend on their advisers, and the greatest rulers have very many advisers. On the other hand, God needs no adviser because his wisdom and knowledge are perfect. His judgements are always right and good and proper. His plans are perfect, although we so often fail to recognise them.

It is a great honour for us when God permits us to know his thoughts (1 Corinthians 2:16). It is very wonderful that people can be the friends of God (John 15:14). Abraham is called the friend of God (James 2:23), and God even discussed his plans with Abraham (Genesis 18:17-33). God listened to Abraham then, even as he listens to us during our prayers. In his great kindness, God often does those things that we request in prayer. However, God does not need our advice; he already knows what is best for us. Therefore, we should pray to know what God wants us to request in our prayers (1 John 5:14).

In Romans 11:34, Paul repeats questions that come from Isaiah 40:13. He first asks: Who has knowledge of Godís thoughts? The answer is nobody, unless God shows these things to a person, by his word and by his Spirit. The next question is: Who advises God? (compare Isaiah 40:14). The answer is nobody, because Godís wisdom is perfect. Paul asks these questions in order to praise God. No words can express how wonderful our God is. Therefore, it is our duty always to give him honour.

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