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Why God gave the Bible firstly to the Jews

Romans 3:1-2

Paul has shown us that people in every nation should respect God. They should learn about his power and his greatness from the things that he has made (1:19-20). Also, from their conscience (their personal judgement about what is right or wrong), they should know something about how God wants them to live (2:14-15).

However, people across the world chose not to live as God wanted them to live. They gave honour to the images of false gods (1:23); they wanted to please themselves (1:24-25). In the end, people were carrying out every kind of evil deed (1:29-31).

God was right to be angry with them (1:18). However, God is very kind. He decided to give people a new and clearer way that they could know him. He himself would declare his word to them, in the Bible (Psalm 19:1-11). From his law, they could learn how to live (Psalm 1:1-3). When people study Godís word, God himself is their teacher (Psalm 119:33-36).

However, wicked people were not ready to receive the precious gift of Godís word (compare Matthew 7:6). So, God chose one particular man, Abraham, who trusted him (4:3). From that one man, God made a great nation, called Israel or the Jews (Hebrews 11:12). They are a holy nation; Ďholyí means that God has separated them for himself (Hosea 11:1).

God gave the Bible firstly to their nation. Godís plan is that by means of them, he shows his kindness to the people in every nation (Genesis 12:1-3; Romans 11:11-12; Romans 15:8-12). Therefore, the Bible is Godís gift to the whole world (15:4).

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