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The wonderful news that God can forgive us

Romans 4:7-8

Davidís words, from Psalm 32:1-2, surprise us. Of course, a person who has never done any evil thing should be truly happy. A perfect person should be truly content. We can never achieve such a standard (3:23). However, many people still hope that they are good enough for God to accept them.

Paul is arguing that God does not accept us because of our good works. However, God can accept us because of his own goodness when we have faith (belief and trust) in him. That is why Paul reminds us of Davidís statement in Psalm 32.

David speaks about people who, like him and like us all, are not perfect. He speaks about people who are guilty of many wrong and evil deeds. He declares that we can still be truly content and happy in a right relationship with God. That is not possible because of our own goodness; but it is possible because God forgives. That was Davidís experience (Psalms 32 and 51), and it can be our experience too.

We deserve, of course, that God should declare us guilty. However, Christ accepted our punishment when he died for us. That is how God can accept us. By our evil deeds, we have made ourselves Godís enemies. However, God wants to forgive us so that we can become his friends (5:8).

God does that when we turn to him in faith. He gives to us his righteousness (goodness) - Romans 4:22-24. That is the only way that we can know the true happiness of a right relationship with God.

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