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Last part: Psalms 135 and 136; and the Songs of Ascent


Word List

Jewish ~ a word that describes something with a relationship to the *Jewish people.

Jewish (people) ~ the people who are born from the families of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Lord ~ This word usually means Ďmasterí. But it is also the word that the *New Testament writers used to translate Godís most holy name. So in the *New Testament, it often means ĎGodí. In translations of the *Old Testament, the word LORD (in capital letters) translates Godís most holy name. And the word Lord (with just the first letter as a capital) is often a title for God.

New Testament ~ the later part of the Bible, which is about Jesus and the first Christians.

Old Testament ~ the first part of the Bible. It includes books by, and about, Moses, Samuel, David, Solomon, Ezra, and the *prophets.

prophet ~ a servant of God. God spoke his messages to the prophets. And sometimes, he showed them future events before those events happened.

rumour ~ a report which may not be correct.

sacrifice ~ a gift to God. Usually, people killed an animal as a sacrifice, and they gave it as their gift to God.

tribes ~ the groups of families in Israel. The members of each tribe came from the family of one of Jacobís sons.

uphill ~ a description of a journey if the ground is not level, so the person must walk up a hill.

worship ~ to give honour to God; to praise God.


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