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Asa destroys the defences at Ramah

1 Kings 15:22

When Baasha’s army had left Ramah, Judah was not still in danger. However, King Asa of Judah was not content. It did not satisfy him that Ramah was again safely under his control. Instead, Asa wanted to destroy the defences that Baasha’s men had built.

So, Asa ordered all of Judah’s men to gather. That was an extraordinary order when the country was not at war. In fact, he even ordered those people who would not fight in war to join the effort to destroy Ramah’s defences. They had to take the stones and wood from Ramah to Mizpah and Geba, two towns about 2 miles (3 kilometres) away. Asa used the wood and stones to make strong defences for Mizpah and Geba.

It seems strange that Asa was so eager to destroy Ramah’s defences. He had control over that town; he could have used those defences to protect his own country from its enemies. So, perhaps Asa was acting in anger. Ramah had caused him great trouble, and now he hated that place.

Asa was a good king, who remained loyal to the true God. However, 2 Chronicles 16:10 tells us about his wrong attitudes and actions at this time. He put the prophet (holy man) Hanani in prison, because he (Asa) was angry about his message from God. Asa also dealt cruelly with some of the other people in Judah at this time.

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