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Asa, a good king who failed to trust God at times of fear

1 Kings 15:23-24

This account of Asa’s life ends in much the same way as the accounts of the other kings. There is a reference to the official records of his rule, then a mention of his death, his funeral and his grave. However, there is also here a brief note that we do not expect. It is the mention of the illness that affected Asa’s feet.

Of course, many of these kings suffered from illnesses; and for several of them, illness caused their deaths. However, it is unusual that the Bible mentions these matters. It is especially unusual that the passage mentions the illness among such important matters as the official records and the king’s grave.

The reason for this appears in 2 Chronicles 16:12. During this illness, soon before his death, Asa again behaved as he had done in the war against Baasha (2 Chronicles 16:1-10). In both situations, Asa depended entirely on human help and not on God. It seems that he did not even pray to God about his illness. He preferred to trust his doctors, and he was unwilling to trust God.

Of course, many people behave like that. However, Asa was a good king, a man who truly served God (15:11-14). He carried out brave and extraordinary acts because he wanted Judah’s people to serve only the true God. It seems sad that such a great man felt unable to trust God in situations of fear or weakness. Still, he ruled Judah for 41 years and, for most of that time, he ruled well.

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