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King Nadab of Israel

1 Kings 15:25-26

We are studying the history of two nations, which at this particular time, were fierce enemies. We have just read about Asa (15:9-24), who ruled the southern part of Israel, usually called ‘Judah’. He was the king of Judah for 41 years. During that time, a series of kings ruled northern and central Israel, often called simply ‘Israel’. So, we will give our attention now to those kings, in the order that they ruled. We will only return to the subject of Judah’s kings in chapter 22.

Jeroboam was the first king who ruled northern and central Israel. He ruled that nation for 22 years, and he ruled in an evil manner. He directed his people away from the true God, and God declared a terrible judgment against his whole family (14:7-16).

After Jeroboam’s death, his son Nadab became king. So, the punishment of Jeroboam’s family had not yet happened. That meant that Nadab still had an opportunity to turn to God, and to turn away from his father’s evil deeds. God is very kind; perhaps if Nadab had changed his attitudes towards God, the punishment would not have happened (Exodus 34:6-7; Ezekiel 18:1-23).

Nadab’s opportunity to turn to God lasted for less than two years. Before Nadab became king, he was already living in an evil manner (see 1 Kings 14:13). Now, as king, he had great power, which he could choose to use in a good or evil manner. He chose to behave in the same evil manner that his father had done. He added his own evil deeds to his father’s evil deeds, and so he made his family’s punishment certain.

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