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Baasha plots against Nadab

1 Kings 15:27-30

Gibbethon was just 3 miles (5 kilometres) from Gezer, a strong city that Solomon had built (9:15-17). After the division of Israel, Gezer belonged to the kings of northern Israel. However, Gibbethon belonged to Philistia.

Nadab wanted to take control over Gibbethon. However, Gibbethon also had strong walls and good defences. So, Nadab brought a large army there. They camped round Gibbethon and they started to break through its walls. Nadab himself was commanding his army.

Nadab probably hoped to establish himself as a great military leader. However, he seemed to forget that he too had enemies. It is much easier to attack someone in a tent than in a palace (1 Samuel 26:5-8).

God had appointed Baasha to carry out his (God’s) judgment against Jeroboam’s family (16:1-2). We do not know whether Baasha knew that yet. It may be that Baasha was simply carrying out his own ambitions (compare Isaiah 44:28, 45:1 and 45:5). However, God was working in that situation to carry out his own purposes. God had already declared his judgment against Jeroboam’s whole family (14:7-16).

Baasha first killed Nadab. Next, Baasha declared himself king instead of Nadab. Then, he cruelly killed every member of Jeroboam’s family, as God had said. Baasha wanted to make sure that no member of Jeroboam’s family could ever oppose his rule.

That terrible incident brought to an end Jeroboam’s family, the first royal family to rule northern and central Israel.

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