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The events during Nadab’s rule

1 Kings 15:31-32

Nadab was born a prince, and he became a king. For almost two years, his power over the people in northern and central Israel was absolute. He was a powerful man, who led his own army in battle. He also had strong ambitions: in the battle for Gibbethon, he showed the desire to increase his power even more. He followed the wrong religion that his father, Jeroboam, had established.

It is a shock for us to read the author’s brief notice of Nadab’s life. It simply mentions the fact that Israel’s official records included a full account of the events during his rule. Unlike for previous kings, there is no mention whatever of his funeral or his grave. That was because Nadab had no funeral. He received no grave where his relatives could visit. Instead, Baasha, who killed him, left his body for wild dogs to tear it apart (14:11). Even that was only the first act in Baasha’s cruelty. Baasha did not hesitate to murder every one of Nadab’s relatives. None of them remained alive.

Baasha had killed the greatest enemy of Judah’s King Asa. However, Baasha had no desire whatever for peace with Asa. Instead, Baasha decided that he would now oppose Asa fiercely. We have already studied, in the account of Asa’s life, how Baasha opposed Asa (15:16-22). Clearly, Asa was very afraid of this fierce man, Baasha, who so cruelly murdered his king, Nadab.

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